Professional Shampoos and Conditioners for pet salons

Professional Shampoos and Conditioners for pet salons


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Medicated Treatment Shampoo...

Cleans gently and deeply.Chlorhexidine provides medicated deep cleaning in dermatological treatments. Enhanced by Tea-Tree oil, well-known for its antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and restructuring properties.Specifications: Mild cleaning product used to treat your pet's skin and coat.Balanced formula for all types of coats. Deep cleaning...

White Coat Shampoo

Specifically formulated for cats and dogs with white coats. Specifications:  For all types and lengths of coats. Leaves the coat white and bright, silky soft, shiny and easy to groom. Removes unpleasant odours and leaves a delicate scent. Deep cleansingaction. Fast and Easy to rinse. Quantity: 10Lt Offer: 1+1 for free OUT OF STOCK!

Shampoo for greasy skins

 With tea tree oil, eucalyptus, clay, silk proteins. This shampoo for greasy skins was specially developed for dogs with minor skin diseases, such as skin inflammations, wet seborrhoea, small crusts, aso. Great to prolong the action of specific care shampoos or veterinary skin treatments. Deep purifying and cleaning action. Ideal for dogs Quantity:...