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"Equilibriavet" Natural Litter

100% Natural 100% Biodegradable & Eco Friendly* – composed of white cornClumping action* – compact clotsLong lasting* – 30 daysInhibits the formation of odors*Natural Igenyzing*It can be take off in organic waste.Fragrance: Natural, Lavander e Talc. Quantity: 6L (2,7kg) * Certified parameters by the Department of Veterinary Science of University of...

Outdoor Pet Repellent

This is an excellent repulsive for both dogs and cats. It keeps pets away from trees, shrubs and other forbidden outdoor areas.The powder composing this formula releases a disagreeable scent that disturbs pets’ sense of smell, without being harmful for people, animals and plants. Available in 2 sizes: Ref.Code Size LA310 500ml LA315 1000ml