The website 'BIOVET.GR (e-shop from now on) is the e-shop of the greek company 'IOANNA PSICHOGIOU & CO',situated in the district of Pylaia in Thessaloniki ,at Sofouli street, number 27,p.c.55535,telephone number 0030 2310 325328. The visit and the use of the e-shop automatically means the acceptance of the terms of use. If you disagree with the following terms,you are kindly requested not to use the e-shop. The BIOVET.GR reserves the right to modify,add,transforn and renew unilaterally the content ,or the services of the e-shop,or the terms of use whenever it is necessary and without any previous warning,only by announcing it on the e-shop website.


The time of delivering the order to the client is depended on the availability of products and it is written on the confirmation of the order.In case of delay ,due ti incidents of force majeure such as extreme weather conditions or general strikes,BIOVET.GR takes no responsibility and does not become unreliable


Products sold through e-shop are privileged in prices ,compared to the shops.The price list is valid only for orders through e-shop and delivery at the client's premises. The delivery of e-shop products can be executed both in Greece and abroad,in certain ways,judging from the area and tha amount of products ordered by the client. E -shop products are sold while stocks last.BIOVET.GR cannot provide any guarantee on the availability of products but it guarantees the on-time update of the consumers about the lack of availability.The photos of the products are evident but the colours may be a little alienated.


BIOVET.GR sells products of its e-shop according to the existing rules and the existing Law system.BIOVET.GR takes no responsibility for accidental damages that might happen to clients or users of the e-shop, apart from the obligation to return and replace its products, according to the following terms. BIOVET.GR has no responsibility for any form of damage(positive,special or depositional that indicatively and not limitedly, disjunctive or / and cumulative consisting of loss of profits,loss of data,lost profits, complete refund etc.) that may occur to the visitor / user of the e-shop or to any other person,caused by the malfunction or the bad use of services,pages,options and content of it or /and by failing to provide services or /and information,normally provided by the e-shop ,or /and by accidental unauthorised interventions by third parties onto products or / and services or / and information provided through it. On the above reasons are also included cases of errors,or skipping during the on line data entry of the information provided (prices, features of products etc.) as well as errors,skipping or technical reasons of any kind,that affect or postpone,for a reasonable time,the function of the e-shop or / and its services. BIOVET.GR takes no responsibility in cases of defective function of the e-shop, or in general or minor incopetance of providing its services due to accidental events or reasons of force majeure ,or any other reason caused by the liability of other entities. BIOVET.GR reserves the right to add,subtract or modify its e-shop and its information provided through it or / and its services as well as changes in the way of browsing information. BIOVET.GR takes all precautions necessary to ensure the unceasable access to the e-shop.However,BIOVET.GR reserves the right to interrupt the function of the e-shop or / and part of its services ,to allow maintenance works without previous notice to the users.


The use of the e-shop should be made for legal purposes and in a way that does not limit or prevent its use by third parties.The visitor ought to use the e-shop according to the Law,the morality and the existing terms, and not to act in order to damage or cause malfunction to it,to influence or to endanger the provision of services by SMART- HOME.GR .The visitor / user of the e-shop takes the responsibility for any damage done to BIOVET.GR by bad,illegal or unethical use of its services


The management and the protection of the visitor's/ user's personal data is under the terms of this agreement and under the relevant existing Law orders.BIOVET.GR reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data after announcing it to the visitors/ users and according to the existing Laws. During the visitor's / user's sign up to the e-shop services(orders,newsletters etc.),it is possible to be asked to enlist some personal data (full name,address,tax number etc). BIOVET.GR ensures the personal data of its users and does not transmit to any physical or legal entities for any reason,except for Law breaking cases and only to the authorities,after their legal request. BIOVET.GR conserves the archives only for communication reasons,statistics and for the improvement of its services.Specifically, this data is used:

*To establish communication with the client

*To accomplish the terms and obligations of the services provided

*To support and serve its clients *To ensure the perfect function of the e-shop

*To inform its clients on new offers of services and products

In any case ,the client/ user of the e-shop has the right to communicate directly with the section in-charge of BIOVET.GR by phone :0030-2310-325328 to request the delete, correction or change of the accidentally conserved personal data. IN NO CASE DO WE COLLECT OR STORE DATA THROUGH CREDIT OR PREPAID CARD TRANSACTIONS The transactions through credit and prepaid cards are completed directly via the institution itself (Pay Pal,Eurobank).


Order must be received through the e-shop as soon as the relevant order form is filled and sent.The prices of products include VAT.BIOVET.GR reserves the right to change the pricelist without warning and without affectng the prices of already listed orders.While submitting the order, the client may choose a retail receipt or an invoice. Invoices are issued to both companies and freelance traders as long as they complete the following data: name of the company,tax number,tax office,address of the company and of the delivery and profession.Any changes on this data can be made up to the confirmed date of delivery by the shipping section.


Every client of the e-shop has the right ,according to the existing Law,to withdraw from the sale without any reason,by filling the 'withdraw form' ,which he / she ought to communicate to BIOVET.GR through mail at sales@biovet.gr or through fax:0030-2310-601399 and return the purchased item within 14 working days from the date of its delivery.In this case,return costs are incurred by the client. For the return to be accepted, the item should be in its initial package,in the condition it was delivered,complete,without damage(for both product and package) and not used. It is required ,for the item to be accompanied by the original retail receipt or the invoice.Before the return,the client ought to send an e-mail to sales@biovet.gr to arrange the exact time of the return. Refunding is arranged the same way as the original purchase was made ,within 30 working days ,starting from the date of the product's delivery,at the above condition.


BIOVET.GR provides guarantee of good function to all items purchased through its e-shop.It covers technical service,maintenance of the product,any necessary repair within the time-limit of the guarantee,as long as the malfunction of the item is caused by proven manufacturing error or by proven failure of the materials,as well as the supply of spare parts. The guarantee does not cover the damage or the deterioration of the product due to bad or improper use of it ,damages due to normal wear and use and due to natural disasters or inevitable external events.Specifically, the guarantee does not cover any damages caused by unusual weather conditions (humidity,exposure to excessive heat,cold,light etc),overcharging,missing care,(cut,burn,use of unsuitable detergents etc.),any damages due to the use of non-original parts or intervention of third person unauthorised by BIOVET.GR. The buyer ought to check the item for defects and deficiencies at the time of delivery at the premises arranged in the order form.If the delivery takes place in an agency, the check must be processed at that time.If no defect or deficiency has occured,then the delivery is valid and BIOVET.GR takes no further responsibility. During the guarantee time,the item or parts of it ,are either repaired or replaced by new ones in cases of 'not repairable ones'.The option of the way of repairing lies exclusively on BIOVET.GR. In case the item or part of it is no longer available in BIOVET.GR's range of products,it is replaced by other equivalent item at a relevant retail price.The duration of the guarantee begins from the date of the delivery,as written on the receipt or on the invoice.The request for the repair should be sent during the guarantee time is still valid,with the invoice or the receipt of the item.The reception of the items to be repaired or replaced in the time of guarantee,is free only for Thessaloniki region.The claims of the buyer that stems from this trade agreement as well as his / her legally established rights are not limited with this guarantee.


Any part of the above terms opposes to the Law,it automatically ceises to exist and excludes from the agreement and in no case does it affect the validity of the remaining terms.Any concession,additional time or not implemantation of one or more of the present terms by the BIOVET.GR cannot be interpreted as resignation, permenant or temporary,partial or total, of any right or claim that sten from them or from the Law.The present agreement will be covered by both European and Greek Laws and will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Justice Hall of Thessaloniki.