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Burette Infusion Set Sterile

Saline microdriping infusion device, 60 drops, volume of transport 1g ± 0,1 g / min at ambient temperature 20°C. Sterile, non-toxic & non-pyrogenic. Made of medical grade PVC, according to the European and International Standards. The drill tip is smooth with a sharp edge, and sterile vent filter and lid. Capacity: 100ml  Quantity: 1 piece

Endotracheal catheters with...

Endotracheal tube with soft CUFF, high volume-low pressure (HI-LO), disposable, sterile and radiopaque. It is made of transparent medical grade PVC material, and is absolutely tolerated by the host. It is relatively hard and doesn't hurt the body. Not bent during intubation and softens in the body taking the body temperature (37 ° C). Quantity: 1 piece

Sterile Blood Transfusion...

The blood transfusion devices are sterile, non-toxic and non-pyrogenic. They have perfect finish which is smooth and free of any foreign body. They are made from high quality medical grade plastic (PVC), according to the technical specifications of NOM and European and International standards. The carry a sterilization filter and keep the fluid flow...