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ProDen Dental Finger

ProDen Dental Finger contains silver ions - a natural antimicrobial! Place the Perfect Dental Finger on your index finger and secure the loop to your middle finger. Moisten slightly the Perfect Dental Finger with water and gently clean your dog or cat’s teeth. For better results use it with ProDen Liquid Toothpaste. Ideal for dogs and cats.

Stomoskin Mouthwash

Mouthwash made from plant extracts. Aids in treating and preventing problems related to the deposit of dental plaque in dogs and cats.Works effectively with cleansing and protective action.Directions: Apply once or twice a day depending on your pet's condition, preferable from 8a.m. to 2p.mQuantity: 10ml

Dog Toothpaste

Purifies deeply, controls bad breath. It  strengthens  and  protects pets’ teeth and gums. Whitening action.   This  all-natural  toothpaste  cleans  deeply,  controls  harmful  plaque  and  caries  and  has  a  breath refreshing  action.  It doesn’t damage the teeth enamel.   Quantity:  Box 16 pcs (Tube 70 gr)