The management and the protection of the visitor's/ user's personal data is under the terms of this agreement and under the relevant existing Law orders.BIOVET.GR reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data after announcing it to the visitors/ users and according to the existing Laws. During the visitor's / user's sign up to the e-shop services(orders,newsletters etc.),it is possible to be asked to enlist some personal data (full name,address,tax number etc). BIOVET.GR ensures the personal data of its users and does not transmit to any physical or legal entities for any reason,except for Law breaking cases and only to the authorities,after their legal request. BIOVET.GR conserves the archives only for communication reasons,statistics and for the improvement of its services.Specifically, this data is used:

*To establish communication with the client

*To accomplish the terms and obligations of the services provided

*To support and serve its clients

*To ensure the perfect function of the e-shop

*To inform its clients on new offers of services and products

In any case ,the client/ user of the e-shop has the right to communicate directly with the section in-charge of BIOVET.GR by phone :0030-2310-325328 to request the delete, correction or change of the accidentally conserved personal data. IN NO CASE DO WE COLLECT OR STORE DATA THROUGH CREDIT OR PREPAID CARD TRANSACTIONS The transactions through credit and prepaid cards are completed directly via the institution itself (Pay Pal,Eurobank).

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