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Animal capture and rescue equipment


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Smart Cat Wrap

Size: 44x65 cm Country Of Manufacture: UK Suitable for cats A high protection cover for easy and safe handling of cats. Made of waterproof fabric on one side and Fleece on the other. Cat Wrap offers excellent levels of comfort for both cat and operator protection. It's washable. Specially designed to stay with the patient throughout their stay, allowing...

Cat Trap Cover

High quality waterproof PVC cover to protect trap and small animals inside. It is very simple to use with high durability. Fits in most cat traps. The improved MDC Cat Trap cover is made of military-grade double-sided PVC canvas that is waterproof, hard, easily washable and provides excellent protection.

Bitemaster Safety Sleeves

Designed for use on its own or in conjunction with the MDC Workaday Glove, these protection sleeves provides a barrier to the wrist and lower arm.Using the sleeves on their own allows total freedom for hands to handle the animal without any restriction whilst the wrist and lower arm is protected from kicking and scratching during the restraining of...

Bitemaster Ultra Gloves

Designed for the protection of hand and lower arm this gauntlet includes a padded layer extending over the back of the hand for further protection.An ideal combination providing dexterity, penetration resistance and crushing protection. These gloves include a Spectra lined hand area for maximum penetration protection whilst maintaining the dexterity of a...

Smart Oxygen

A simple and effective way to provide oxygen or nebulising therapy, this is a cleverly designed PVC canopy which encloses an MDC basket and attaches to an oxygen source. * Instant oxygen or nebulizing therapy * Full patient visibility Available in 2 sizes: Standard: 46x29x29cm και Large: 54x38x38cm Size: 2kg

Nurses Best Friend...

One of our range of high quality cat baskets manufactured using square steel mesh and plastic coating ensuring the safe temporary containment of cats and other small animals. -  Lightweight -  Easy clean -  Removable door and floor panel options Dimensions: 46cm(18in)L x 30cm(11.5in)W x 30cm(11.5in)H. Weight: 3.1kg

Vulcan Dog Trap

One of our range of high quality traps designed in consultation with industry experts for the safe capture and temporary containment of dogs and foxes. >>  Easy to foldaway, carry and transport>>  Strong and durable >>  Self-activating trap Dimensions: Length 131cm x Width 52cm x Height 61cm. Weight 20kg