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Animal capture and rescue equipment


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Trap Transfer Carrier...

Manufactured using square steel mesh and plastic coating, this carrier provides safe temporary containment of cats and other small animals. Lightweight Easy clean Removable end door panel The lift-up end door panel of this carrier corresponds with that of the MDC cat traps so that the transfer can be made without the need for the cat (or any other...

Smart Cat Wrap

Size: 44x65 cm Country Of Manufacture: UK Suitable for cats A high protection cover for easy and safe handling of cats. Made of waterproof fabric on one side and Fleece on the other. Cat Wrap offers excellent levels of comfort for both cat and operator protection. It's washable. Specially designed to stay with the patient throughout their stay, allowing...

Cat Trap Cover

High quality waterproof PVC cover to protect trap and small animals inside. It is very simple to use with high durability. Fits in most cat traps. The improved MDC Cat Trap cover is made of military-grade double-sided PVC canvas that is waterproof, hard, easily washable and provides excellent protection.