Smart Plastic Cat Basket Handles

Code Colour
236-344 Pink
236-345 Yellow
236-346 Green
236-347 Blue
236-348 Red

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A chunky and comfortable to hold moulded plastic handle designed to fit all MDC cat carrying baskets purchased after March 2013.Replacement plastic handles for our cat baskets come in a five pack and are available in sets of green, blue, red, pink and yellow. Ideal as part of your disease control regime, colour coding your existing baskets this way is extremely practical and economical. This moulded handle is robust and has been specifically designed for comfort making carrying a heavy cat (or other small animal) much more pleasant with less strain on hands. These handles can either be removed (simply clip on and off) or lay flat against the basket so that baskets can be easily stacked. NB: these can only be used on MDC cat baskets purchased after March 2013.

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