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Surgical Lamp Acem Starled3 NX

STARLED3 NX is a lamp manufactured by ACEM Medical Company based on the next generation LED technology, assuring cold light, long life and low energy consumption. The lamp is suitable for countless applications both for surgery and operating room. It is available in the following versions: Trolley-mounted and Wall mounted. Read more information below,...

Euroklav 23VS+ Autoclave 22L

"Class S" with pre-vacuum and vacuum dryingMELAG offers practices an economically alternative to the "Vacuklav" series with its Euroklav 23 VS+, which, by reason of the instruments and the type of wrapping used there, require no "Class B" autoclaves.The Euroklav 23 VS+ features four "Class S" programs for sterilization of unwrapped or wrapped instruments...