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XPower Pet Dryer 800TF

The XPOWER X-800TF"Multiple Cage Dryer" is designed for low speed cage drying on small to large breed dogs where low temperature heat is desirable. A highly balanced induction motor design creates at least 40% less noise than our nearest competitor, greater and longer motor life, and only uses 7.5 amp power draw at max speed and a 3-hour timer control....

Air Combo Professional...

4 Appliances in 1:  Dryer, force dryer, water suction system and air circulation system. Easy operation. Great Power - 250 cubic meters of air per hour Great Energy Savings - It consumes 1/4 of the energy absorbed by traditional grooming equipments.  Size: 70x43x50h cm  Power: 1500 watt Ideal for dogs and cats.   For more information click here