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White Coat Shampoo

Specifically formulated for cats and dogs with white coats. Specifications:  For all types and lengths of coats. Leaves the coat white and bright, silky soft, shiny and easy to groom. Removes unpleasant odours and leaves a delicate scent. Deep cleansingaction. Fast and Easy to rinse. Quantity: 10Lt

XPower Pet Dryer 800TF

The XPOWER X-800TF"Multiple Cage Dryer" is designed for low speed cage drying on small to large breed dogs where low temperature heat is desirable. A highly balanced induction motor design creates at least 40% less noise than our nearest competitor, greater and longer motor life, and only uses 7.5 amp power draw at max speed and a 3-hour timer control....

Long coats shampoo

With Jojoba oil, poppy oil and milk aminoacids. This shampoo was specially formulated for long-haired dog breeds. Its antistatic action makes fur less liable to tangling and matting, and makes hair hang loose, light and dense. This shampoo combines a good cleaning power to the great properties of its vegetable ingredients.  Ideal for dogs Quantity: 250...