Long coats shampoo

With Jojoba oil, poppy oil and milk aminoacids.

This shampoo was specially formulated for long-haired dog breeds.

Its antistatic action makes fur less liable to tangling and matting, and makes hair hang loose, light and dense.

This shampoo combines a good cleaning power to the great properties of its vegetable ingredients. 

Ideal for dogs

Quantity: 250 ml


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Maize proteins and milk aminoacids nourish the fur deeply, while moisturizing it and improving its softness. Poppy oil has a very good softening, soothing and lenitive property that protects the hair from the aggressive action of the brush. Jojoba oil is a liquid wax that strengthens the coat and nourishes it intensively, while leaving it shiny, soft, dense but not greasy, while making it hang loose.

Use the nourishing conditioner to improve the detangling action of this shampoo and to make combing and brushing easier

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