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Chéri brown tartan collar

Chéri brown tartan collar, available in 5 different sizes. These leashes of the new “English collection” by Cinopelca are handmade with the best Italian textiles. Leather and materials have been provided with cotton canvas lining, for better toughness and durability. Code Size RF003/A 1,8x33 cm RF003/B 1,8x38 cm RF003/C 2,0x43 cm RF003/D 2,5x52 cm...

Fresh Pet

FRESH PET – A  powdery and fresh floral fragrance with notes of citrus and fresh pink rose which leaves the coat smelling clean and fresh. It contains malodour control technology, which is a unique blend of active ingredients that interact with malodour molecules to destroy bad smells, not just mask them. Stays within coat for up to 3 days. Traps bad...

Kurasyn Canine

Kurasyn Canine is a complementary feed supplement for dogs containing highly bioavailable Curcumin combined with Hyaluronic Acid. The Turmeric utilised in the formula has been complexed with a naturally occurring oligosaccharide and has significantly better absorption compared with standard Turmeric. It is suitable for feeding as a nutritional adjunct:...

Talc Odour Eliminator

Specifically formulated to deodorise dogs and puppies and their surrounding (kennels, baskets, blankets). Removes unpleasant odours, leaving a delicate talc scent and neutralises the activity of germs and bacteria which cause bad smells. Long lasting deodorising action lasting over three days on a freshly washed dog and up to two days in other cases.

Talc Deodorant

Specifically formulated to deodorise dogs, puppies and their surroundings. Removes unpleasant odours leaving a delicate talc scent which does not interfere with the dog’s natural sense of smell. Long lasting deodorising action lasting over two days on a freshly washed dog. Low-pressure propellant wich is harmless to pets and the environment