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"SlowFeed" Dog Bowl

"SlowFeed" is a dog dow bowl for greedy dogs! The characteristic internal surface helps slow down the speed of swallowing the animal's food, favoring a slower and correct chewing of the food. Available in 2 sizes: Medium (C034/2 - 17cm - Red Color) και Large (C034/3 - 21.5cm - Black Color) Quantity: Pack of 3 pieces

Automatic dog and cat food...

• Large capacity (up to 5l) translucent hopper shows food level. • Programmable feeding schedule. Programmable feeding from 1 to 3 times a day.• Records a personal message to catch your pet’s attention.• Detachable hopper and tray for easy cleaning.• Runs on three D-type batteries* that guarantee the operation of the dispenser for about 6 months Ideal for...