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Ear Cleaning Lotion "Otoskin"

Ear cleaning lotion for dogs and cats, with effective cleansing and soothing action. It helps to maintain skin balance. Directions: place 2-20 drops into the ear (depending on the size of your pet’s ear) and gently massage to loosen and remove excess wax. Complete the treatment by inserting into the ear a few drops of Skin Energy. Repeat daily for at...

Electric diffuser with mats

The synergy of Neem oil and essential oils of eucalyptus, palmarosa, basil, thyme, cedarwood, turmeric oil and peppermint releases a nice fragrance, while keeping insects away. Provides 12 hours of safe and non-toxic protection to people and pets.  Ideal for house.    Quantity:  1 electric diffuser + 12 herbal fragrance mats