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Walky Pet Drive Box Comfort

Walky Pet Drive Box Comfort is the practical pet carrier for taking your four-legged friend with you in the car.Designed for the front seat, its folding structure makes it easy to use: it opens quickly and, once the journey is complete, it closes again in a few centimetres.Walky Pet Drive Box Comfort contains a leash to be applied to his harness, offering...


WalkyLock is the ideal solution when you need to leave the dog in the car for a bit 'of time, while you are busy with the shopping or you are visiting a friend, for example. Allow your dog to move freely inside the trunk while you're away. He can not get out and no one can enter!  Size: 16cm

Walky Hammock Blue Seat Cover

Fit for back seats. Protects your car seats from dog hair and dirt.Waterproof. Easy to clean.Warning: It is essential to fasten the dog to the leash for a safe travel.How to fix the cover to the seat:1) Fix the cover hook to the headrest2) Fix the side panels by means of the buckles3) Fix the cover to the seat by means of the beltSize: 160x130cm