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WalkyLock is the ideal solution when you need to leave the dog in the car for a bit 'of time, while you are busy with the shopping or you are visiting a friend, for example. Allow your dog to move freely inside the trunk while you're away. He can not get out and no one can enter!  Size: 16cm

WalkyDog Bike Leash

The WalkyDog is the ideal solution to ride a bike along with your dog, in full safety.Very easy to install, it allows the dog to run freely alongside, with no danger of bumping onto the pedals or the wheels.In the event of a fall, it keeps the dog safely attached to the bike, thus avoiding it to run free into any sorts of danger.

Walky Hammock Blue Seat Cover

Fit for back seats. Protects your car seats from dog hair and dirt.Waterproof. Easy to clean.Warning: It is essential to fasten the dog to the leash for a safe travel.How to fix the cover to the seat:1) Fix the cover hook to the headrest2) Fix the side panels by means of the buckles3) Fix the cover to the seat by means of the beltSize: 160x130cm