Shampoo for white coats

With olive oil, wheat proteins and milk aminoacids.

This shampoo for white coats has a very good cleaning and whitening action and nourishes the coat, while making it soft and easy to comb.

This shampoo makes the coat shiny and white. 

Ideal for dogs

Quantity: 250 ml


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Thanks to milk aminoacids and maize proteins it moisturizes and nourishes the fur. Lime and camomile have a lenitive, protective and soothing action, which is essential for the sensitive skin of white coat dogs. Finally, the sun screening, lenitive, emollient, softening and grease balancing properties of olive oil moisturize the dry and dehydrated skins and hair.

Use the detangling and volumizing conditioner for a fluffy effect and to make combing and brushing easier. 

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