Mini Finger Toothbrush Training Set

Made from super soft silicon rubber, this toothbrush has been specifically designed for the introduction to oral hygiene for puppies and kittens. 

-  Soft & gentle bristles

- Safety loop for extra security

- Designed in association with vets & behaviourists

Quantity: Pair of Mini Finger Toothbrushes


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Tooth brushing is considered the ‘gold standard’ in pet dental hygiene and can be taught to your puppy or kitten from 8 weeks of age to prepare them for successful, lifelong oral care. Specifically designed with the advice of vets and behaviourists as a training aid, the bristles are super soft to get your pet accustomed to the concept of tooth brushing in a pleasurable way - preparing them for ‘proper’ brushing when their adult teeth have developed

Reusable and easy to clean.

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