Restomyl Tooothgel with extrasoft toothbrush

Removes plaque and protects gums Restomyl® toothpaste is ideal for the daily cleaning of the teeth of dogs and cats. It reduces plaque and has an antibacterial and whitening effect. The presence of Adelmidrol (1%) also protects the oral mucosa, giving the product a soothing effect that relieves irritated gums. The package also includes 1 extra-soft toothbrush. 50ml


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Instructions for Use: Apply the gel to the Restomyl® toothbrush and gently brush the entire surface of the teeth. Daily brushing is essential to ensure proper oral hygiene for dogs and cats


Bromelain, thanks to its enzymatic action, limits the formation of dental plaque and has a whitening effect. Triclosan (triclosan) helps to maintain the correct oral microbial flora, thus ensuring the oral hygiene of dogs and cats. Adelmidrol (a related aliamide like palmitoylethanolamide - PEA) can maintain normal mucosal reactivity and exert both soothing and anti-redness effects. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi, penetrating their cell wall.

Ingredients: Aqua, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Hydroxide, Noveon Aa-1 Polycarbophil, Adelmidrol (Inn), Triclosan, Bromelain, Benzoic Acid, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol, Ci 42051.

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