Puppy shampoo

With honey, rice oil, maize and soy proteins.

This puppy shampoo cleans deeply but very gently.

It makes puppies’ coat soft and sweetly scented.

Ideal for dogs

Quantity: 250 ml


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The deep cleaning power of this shampoo is made extremely gentle by the emollient, lenitive and normalizing properties of honey, by the protective, softening and refreshing action of mallow, and by the soothing, purifying and lenitive performance of camomile. Rice oil is emollient but also a very good natural sun screen. Maize and soy proteins nourish puppy’s coat deeply in its growth and regeneration phase.

Use the nourishing conditioner to improve the nourishing and softening action of this shampoo. Use the detangling and volumizing conditioner for a fluffy effect.

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