Protein Shampoo PRO

Protein Shampoo PRO

Quantity: 5000ml

Ideal for dogs, cats and rabbits.


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This shampoo is made especially for sensitive skin such  as  that  of  puppies  or  older  dogs,  as well  as
for dogs with seasonal hair loss or dogs with extra-long hair.
With  regular use,  the dog’s  skin and  fur will regain  its natural healthy appearance,  including
elasticity,  shine,  and  softness,  not  to mention  that the fur will be easy to groom and comb.
It is wellknown in cosmetology that vitamin F is called “the vitamin  of  the  skin”  because  of  its  extraordinary
dermatological  healing  properties.
This  protein shampoo  is  rich  in  vitamin  F,  coming  from  linseed  and  rapeseed  oils  blended  in  the  shampoo.
Another  essential  ingredient  to  this  shampoo  are carrots  which  give  the  shampoo  beta-carotene,
which  results  in  nourishing  the  skin  and  fur  with vitamin  A.
Vitamin  A  revitalizes  as  well  as  helps soften the fur

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