Dandruf control shampoo for dry skins

With tea tree oil, soy proteins and ground olive seeds

This shampoo was specially developed for dogs with dry seborrhoea issues, dandruff, or for old dogs that often have dry skin issues.

Great to prolong the action of specific care shampoos or veterinary skin treatments.

Ideal for dogs

Quantity: 250 ml


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This shampoo combines the skin purifying and odour controlling properties of tea tree oil with the nourishing, moisturizing and protective ones of soy, in order to support the cell renovation and the restoration of a normal skin balance. This function is supported also by the softening and grease balancing properties of olive oil, specially recommended for the treatment of sensitive, dry and dehydrated skins. The advanced performance of this shampoo results from the ground olive seeds that provide a scrub action: this function eliminates the dead cells that build dandruff and creates a healthier and cleaner environment between skin and hair, ready for more specific treatments or for the physiological skin cell growth and forming.

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