Mousse Reflex with pigments

Reflex mousse with pigments that emphasize the natural colour of dogs’ coat or to hide and make uniform the opaque or faded fur areas.
This mousse will make the coat shiny and will bring out the natural colour of it.

Available for 1 fur colours:
IC034: Blond

Quantity: 200ml


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It can be used for diferent purposes:
To treat matted fur before washing the dog.
It can be sprayed instead of the conditioning cream if you don’t want a heavy coat.
Then dry the fur as usual.
It makes brushing and combing easier during the drying process.
Great as last beauty touch or for finishing purposes during clipping.
Recommended for dog owners, who need a helping hand in the daily brushing.

Performs also a gentle shining action: (jojoba oil)
Jojoba oil is a liquid wax that nourishes fur and makes it more soften.

Nourishes and repairs: (wheat proteins)
Wheat proteins repair and restructure hairs. This product could be therefore
sprayed several times a week in case of damaged fur.

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