Green Clay Shampoo PRO

Green Clay Shampoo PRO

Quantity: 5000ml

Ideal for Dogs and Cats


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Essential oils of Vetiver, Bergamot orange and Copaiba oleoresin
Light and heat are properties of clay, which are also vital elements of skin and fur.
The all-natural elements in clay balance, absorb and repair deeply.
Clay is also especially effective at soothing skin irritations and eliminating dandruff and itching.
The healing nature of clay is complemented by the purifying and normalizing action of the essential oils of Vetiver, Bergamot orange and of Copaiba oleoresin that nourish and moisturize the skin, while making it healthy and elastic.
Green Clay Shampoo is suitable for all skin and fur types, revitalizing, and nourishing without changing the natural characteristics of the skin and fur.

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