Black dog pants

Best wear ability meets the fashion design in these dog pants. Fully washable in wash machine at 30°C.

Ref.Code Size
C208/A 20-25cm
C208/B 25-30cm
C208/C 30-35cm
C208/D 35-40cm
C208/E 40-45cm
C208/F 45-50cm

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These dog pants provide protection for bitches on heat and are effective in avoiding messy clean-ups and stains on furniture.
The hygiene pants do not provide contraception protection and they should be removed to allow your pet to answer a call of nature.
The pants can hold the sticky disposable pads.  

Please find here below some coat sizes for different dog breeds. It is advisable to measure also your dog’s waist (before the back legs) and the crotch, because your dog’s build may affect the coat size.

Breed Suggested Size
Pomerianian Spitz 20-25cm
West Highland White Terrier 25-30cm
Beagle 35-40cm
Cairn Terrier 35-40cm
Shih-Tzu 30-40cm
Chihuahua 20-30cm
Cocker Spaniel 40-45cm
Lhasa Apso 35-45cm
Maltese 25-35cm
Jack Russel Terrier 25-35cm
Fox Terrier 35-45cm
Scottish Terrier 35-45cm
Welsh Terrier 35-45cm
Yorkshire Terrier 20-30cm

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