New! ProDen PlaqueOff Cat Powder 40gr

ProDen Plaque Off Cat Powder has been awarded with Bronze award from Petawards 2021 in the category best dental products for cats!

Natural Food Suplement 40g which is simply sprinkled on cat's food. Ideal for removing odor, dental tartar and plaque. It is recommended by veterinarians in over 50 countries. Dental plaque is the main cause to bad breathe and oral deseases. Proden Plaque Off contributes in an optimal way to eliminate existing plaque and tartar and hence eliminate bad breath. Improvements are noticeable in about 3-5 weeks of use. Against bad breath and existing tartar and/ or as a preventive measure from the moment your cat its permanent teeth. Plaque Off acts systemically.

Quantity: 40g

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- Improves bad breath
- Reduces Dental Plaque accumulation
- Reduces the formation of tartar

Composition: Specially selected seawed Ascophyllum Nodosum D1070, yeast, natural source of group B vitamins

Category: Special oral hygiene feed supplemen

Typical Analysis: Iodine 0.08%, humidity 12%, crude protein 8%, crude fat 1%, crude fibers <8%, crude ash 21%

Add 1 spoon on food once per day continuously. Shake well before use. Spoon included. Plaue Off Special Cats iw formulated for maximum palatability.

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