Toothpaste Spray

Protects pets teeth.

Controls  harmful  plaque and has  a  breath refreshing  action. 

This  liquid  dentifrice  contains selected  active  principles  for  the  cleaning  and care  of  the  oral  cavity.

It doesn’t need brushing or rinsing.

Quantity: Box of 12 pcs (Spray 50ml)


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The  essential  oils  of  lemon, sage  and  lavender  help  bring  into  action  and strengthen  the  immune  defences  in  order  to control  the  inflammations  of  the  oral  cavity  and the  bad  breath,  while  making  the  teeth  white.

The  liquid  formula  is  perfect  to  reach  every tooth  interstice  and  guarantees  a  perfect  oral cleaning.  Its  alkaline  formula  controls  the  salivary  acidity  and  the  consequent  oxidation  of  the hair around your pet’s mouth and eyes.


Ingredients: Propolis, essential oils of sage, lavender, lemon, Tea tree and grapefruit seed.

Ideal for dogs

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