Eye Care Lotion

With Chamomile and Hamamelis.

Cleans and refreshes your pets’ eyes.

Helps to soothe irritations and keeps eyes clean and healthy based on the calming and soothing properties of chamomile and hamamelis. The glycerin has emollient and purifying  properties,  but  it also helps to reduce the ocular pressure.


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The  grapefruit seed  extract,  with  its  peculiarity  of  powerful natural  purifier,  helps  to  soothe  irritations  caused  by  chemical  or  physical  agents.  This lotion can be used as refreshing eyewash, if there are no lesions or infections. Routine use helps to maintain good eye hygiene and protection.


Ingredients: Glycerin, camomile, Hamamelis, linden, rose, grapefruit seed extract.


Quantity: 100ml

Ideal for dogs and cats

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