Paw Protection Cream

Keeps dog paws soft and protects them from the abrasive action of hot asphalt in summer and from ice and salt on the streets in winter.
Promotes cicatrisation of chapped paws and purifes lesions.

Available in 2 quantities: 50gr and 100gr
Perfect for Dogs


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Relieves insect stings and repairs lesions caused by feas and ticks.
Promotes cicatrisation, purifes and soothes rashes caused by stings.
Soothes irritations caused by fly stings at the tips of dogs’ ears: (tea tree oil, propolis, zinc oxide). Recommended for the areas afected by mycosis.
Relieves irritations and hot spots.
Promotes cicatrisation and purifes superfcial wounds and minor abrasions : (tea tree oil, propolis, zinc oxide).
To be applied on sutured wounds that are on the way to recovery to promote cicatrisation.
Keeps insects away and dissuades the dog from licking himself.
Softens elbow corns and prevents bed sores.
Controls itching and dissuades dogs from licking themselves.
Absorbs quickly.

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