Proden RevitalAid 250ml

Multivitamin supplement for cats and dogs.

RevitalAid is a general multivitamin supplement which is specifically designed for small animals. Any animal may be deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral and this may not show itself some time. It provides a combination of minerals and vitamines to meet the daily requirements necessary to attain the maximum level of health and vitality.

Revital 250

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Correct Balance. It is not always possible to ensure maintainance of an ideal diet. The nutritional content of food can vary greatly making it difficult to achieve the correct dietary balance. Also requirements for certain vitamins and minerals change at different stages in life, in particular in young growing animals and then in aging animals. RevitalAid has been specially formulated to ensure that cats and dogs gets all the essential nutrients that make a real difference.

Improves Appetite. RevitalAid has been specially formulated to help improve appetite. The tasty carmel flavor is well liked by cats and dogs and the liquid form is easy to use. 

Helps Recovery.Requirements for certain vitamines and minerals can be significantly increased for various reasons and RevitalAid helps to ensure that there are no imbalances. 

- After Illness - During convalescence and recovery- Post trauma, infection and surgery- During and after pregnancy and lactation 

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