Plaster Bandages

Immobilization Plaster Bandages. They are made from high density gauze and plaster. Is wrapped in perforated plastic coil for easy and effective use. They are used with usual practice adjustment gypsepidesmou providing complete and strong immobilisation of the body.
Available in 6 sizes width: 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm & 20cm
Length: 2.7 meters.

AS.1-210 401

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They adapt very easy and comfortable even in the most difficult parts of the body. Activated after immersion in water (23rd-27th C) for approximately 2.3 seconds. Stabilized at 2-3. minutes bandages of 2m and 2-3.5 minutes bandages of 2,7 m. Can receive short charge in about 20 minutes. Packaged individually (1 piece) in safe nylon packaging.

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