Scratcher Hideway

Height: 45 cm

Length: 33 cm

Suitable for cats.


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Cats have an innate need to scratch. They scratch because they need to clear off the old sheath to expose the new sharper claw that is underneath. Cats also scratch to mark their territory. Scratch marks on carpets, furniture or curtains leave an unmistakable odour, declaring this as the cat’s territory. Camon, leading pet supplier, has developed and produced strong and useful scratching posts to indulge your cat’s natural scratching and marking behaviour and to protect your furniture. Cats love scratching visible places. It is very important to locate your cat’s favourite scratching spot and place the scratching post in a strategic point. We suggest sprinkling a few drops of Orme Naturali’s Catnip by Camon (item #G950) to catch your cat’s attention and add more appeal to the scratching post.

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