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  • Heated  V-Top Surgery Table with Electric Lift Base

    Heated V-Top Surgery Table with Electric Lift Base


    Helps prevent hypothermia during small animal surgeries.


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    • Non - Rotational.
      • Controlled heating in temperature ranges from 70° F - 97° F with even heat distribution.
      • A two panel system that adjusts from horizontal to near vertical to hold the patient in the desired position during surgery.
      • Overall size of the top: 19"(w) x 58"(l).
      • Each panel contains an 8" x 48" heated area, with an overall heated area of 16" x 48".
      • The thermostatic control is located on the frame for easy monitoring of temperature.
      • Two sliding, quick-release, cam cleat tie-down attachments are provided on each side of the attachment rail.
      • A 3" stainless steel trough permits fluid runoff into a drain outlet.
      • Table can be lifted from 30 1/2" to 41".

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