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  • Shampoo for greasy skins

    Shampoo for greasy skins

     With tea tree oil, eucalyptus, clay, silk proteins.

    This shampoo for greasy skins was specially developed for dogs with minor skin diseases, such as skin inflammations, wet seborrhoea, small crusts, aso.

    Great to prolong the action of specific care shampoos or veterinary skin treatments.

    Deep purifying and cleaning action. 

    Ideal for dogs

    Quantity: 250 ml

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    Tea Tree oil helps to deter mushrooms and bacteria and controls odour. Mint and eucalyptus purify the skin, while refreshing and relieve itching, which usually results in skin traumatisms due to continuous scratching and in the aggravation of the dermatological condition. Clay is a mix of ground minerals, which absorb water and oils in order to dry the skin and make it less exposed to the attack of mushrooms and bacteria. Silk proteins have a nourishing, moisturizing and protective action on the skin, while repairing its constituents and making it elastic again. This formula contains also honey, whose lenitive, soothing, softening and repairing properties compensate the deep cleaning action of the shampoo and result in a physiologically nourished, repaired and healthy fur

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