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  • Sedecal Dual Vet X-Ray equipment

    Sedecal Dual Vet X-Ray equipment

    The X-ray equipment designed for use Bivalent:

    ● Portable, for field use - weighs 15kg, and requires only 10 amps to operate.

    ● Its extraordinary power (8KW!), And mechanics added, make it a stationary system of high performance, for use in clinic.



    More details


    ● Power Output: 8 kw (constant power)

    ● Inverter VERY HIGH FREQUENCY: 300 kHz

    ● X-Ray Tube Focus DOUBLE: 0.6/2.8 mm

    ● Maximum voltage 110 kVp

    ● Maximum current: 100 mA

    ● maximum mAs 200 mAs

    ● Operation Mode: 2-point radiographic technique (kV and mAs)

    ● REGULATION of the Power Line: from 90 to 285 volts

    ● ADAPTATION of the output power according to characteristics of the electric supply.

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