Effitek Electrostatic Anti-barking Collar

The collar weighs 80g and is suitable for dogs of all sizes. It measures 167mmx127mmx54mm. Included is a 3V battery.

Do not leave the collar around the dog's neck for more than 8 hours a day.

Not to be used on puppies under 6 months.


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A beep sound precedes the electrostatic stimulation, so that the dog establishes the link between the beep and the electrostatic stimulation.
With the first barking, a beep and an electrostatic stimulation of level 1 are emitted, to deter the dog from barking. If the dog continues to bark in the 10 seconds, it receives the electrostatic stimulation of level 2. The incrementing is done until the barking stops. The electrostatic stimulation increases in its level of sensitivity. The collar has 8 levels of stimulation.
The level of stimulation at which the dog ceased barking is kept in memory until the next barking. If there is no barking during 5 minutes, the intensity of stimulation goes down from its level, and decreases at 5 minute intervals down to level 1. 
The collar autiomatically controls the level of the electrostatic stimulation according to the sensitivity of the dog and the frequency of its barking. 

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