Jet Care Education Pro

The JetCare® Education Pro System Collar is a receiver which is placed around your dog’s neck. It is triggered by a remote control transmitter which works up to 200 meters/218 yards, in an open area.
This stimulus, the element of surprise, is enough to interrupt your dog’s undesirable behavior. In the space of a few days, your dog will learn to remain calm when wearing the collar.


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There are three buttons located on your remote:
A sound button which alerts the dog it is time to cease his behavior.
A button providing a short burst of cold air (one second).
A button providing a slightly longer burst of cold air (three seconds). (i.e. Two levels of spray). The antennae is internal.


On/Off system allows you to control when/if the unit is activated
Painless and harmless to the animal’s sense of smell
High Reservoir capacity: Enough for more than 54 sprays
Low battery use

To begin – use one or two sessions, daily, of no more than thirty minutes each.
Do NOT leave collar around dog’s neck for more than 6-8 HOURS daily.
Do NOT use on puppies under 8 MONTHS.
When working with puppies – use in small time frames, initially.
Once the remote is activated, and you have your dog’s attention, immediately divert his attention to activities that are considered permissible (play time, treats, rewards, etc.).
This way your dog learns to obey without fear.




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