LED Surgery light

 Lamp of  cold light, cradle in technology of diodes LED, these allows us to obtain a greater quality illumination with a cupola of 21cm Ø of diameter. 


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It is indicated for any medical specialty, but mainly in places where a total absence of calorific radiation is required, conserving very good quality of light.

It is possible to emphasize the long life of the practically limitless LED, as well as his less power consumption than traditional halogen lamps. The luminance intensity provided by the 5 LED’s module, gives us 55.000 lux to 50 cm of operating field, with a colour’s temperature of 5.500 ºK, this gives us a cold light of great quality, not altering the colour of weaves.

Their ergonomic design, as much of its rollerable base with 4 wheels (2 with brakes), as well as the design of curved lines of its vertical and horizontal arm, facilitates its mobility, handling and optimum positioning , according to the needs of each case. Thanks to their different versions, rollerable base , of wall, for rail and for tables, this model can adapt to any area of work.

Electrical connection 100-240V 47-63Hz
Luminous intensity at 50cm 100.000 lux (± 10%)
Luminous intensity at 100cm 50.000 lux (± 10%)
Led Power 36VA
ø Screen diameter 21,5cm
ø Field diameter to 50cm 10cm
ø Field diameter to 100cm 13cm
Light source LED
Height of the lamp 200 cm
Colour RAL 9002
Weight 12.5 kg
Colour temperature 4.750 °k (± 5%)

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