GlupaCUR 30 oral sticks

Provides relief from joint pain in dogs & cats

 Glupacur® is suitable for dogs and cats of any age suffering from osteoarthritis. Thanks to the unique microcomplex* made from PGA (palmitoyl-glucosamine) and turmeric extract, Glupacur® supports joint metabolism in dogs and cats suffering from osteoarthritis and improves their quality of life.

Glupacur® is not a veterinary medicine. It is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats.

*Micronised composite (particle size range 0.6-10 microns) consisting of PGA (palmitoyl-glucosamine) and Curcuma Longa extract in a ratio of 2:1.



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PGA (palmitoyl-glucosamine) is a slow-release source of glucosamine and maintains the normal function of synovial mast cells. The result is also supported by all the necessary Omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect by neutralizing the free radicals produced in the joints in osteoarthritis. Glupacur® contains curcumin from Curcuma longa L.

Glupacur® Stick

Ingredients Content

Palmitoyl-glucosamine* (PGA) -133 mg/stick

Curcuma longa extract -67 mg/stick

Vitamin E -50 mg/stick

Omega-3 fatty acids -35 mg/stick

Administer for periods of 60 to 90 days according to the recommended dosage in the table below. The contents of the Stick can be administered directly into the animal's mouth or mixed with its food.

Weight (kg) - Stick / day

1-7             - 1

8-14            - 2

Composition: Fish oil, palmitoyl-glucosamine (PGA) (13%), maltodextrin, sodium pyrophosphate, yeast, lupine flour, sodium chloride, sunflower oil. Food additives: vitamin E (50000 mg/kg); 3b503-manganese (1280mg/kg). Additives: turmeric extract [Curcuma longa L.] (66670 mg/kg). Amino acids. Detailed Ingredients: Crude Protein (5%); crude fiber (22%). crude fats (27%). raw ash (14%); Omega-3 fatty acids (3.5%); EPA (1.6%); DHA (1.1%); methionine (0.5%); manganese (0.15%); vitamin E (5.0%).

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