Nutradigest natural probiotic paste

nutradigest is a naturally formulated paste for dogs and cats with digestive imbalance. It has been developed with a high strength  composition of Probiotic bacteria, Prebiotics, Sweet Basil and Kaolin which combine to help normalise digestive function. 

  • Restores normal digestive function
  • Increases good bacteria
  • Replenishes natural balance of gut bacteria
  • Binds toxins
  • Improves stool consistency
  • Highly palatable natural formula
  • Reduces flatulence

Ingredients and Administration can be found under description

Exclusive to authorized Veterinary practices

Made in Britain.


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The paste is 20ml.

Composition (Feed Materials/Additives):

Enterococcus faecium DSM 10663 NCIMB 10415 (4b1707), 2 x1012 cfu/Kg, Sunflower and Canola Oil, Kaolin Clay 100g/Kg, Sweet Basil Extract, Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and Yeast Extract.


The daily dose is given by mouth.

Type                 Body weight    Loading-Day 1    Maintenance Days 2+

                               (kgs)            (2ml=1 notch)          (2ml=1 notch)

Cats                       0-9.99                    4ml                           2ml  

S/B dog                  0-9.99                    4ml                           2ml  

M/B dog               10-24.99                   6ml                           4ml

L/B dog                25-49.99                   8ml                           4ml 

L/B dog                     50+                     10ml                         6ml 

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