Vega Suction Aspirator 1 Lt

Silent, high flow and maintenance - free pumps allow long product life and durability. Recommended for nasal aspiration, oral aspiration, tracheal aspiration of body liquids (mucus, catarrh or blood). Equipped with vacuum regulator continuously adjustable, vacuum indicator, unbreakable 1,000 ml or 2,000 ml bottle, autoclavable at 120°C, with safety float control valve to prevent overflow.


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Technical Specifications

• Operating voltage: 230V - 50 Hz

• Power consumption: 106 W

• Bottle capacity: 1000 ml

• Flow (air litres/min): 40 l/min

• Max suction: -0.80 bar (600 mm/Hg)

• Temporary use: 120/60 min on/off

• Dimensions: 35 x 21 x 18 cm

• Weight: 3.6 kg

• Made in Italy

• Norms: 93/42/ECC

Standard accessories

• Bottle 1000 ml with cover

• Anti-bacteria filter

• Suction catheter

• Silicone tube set

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