Complementary Food "Hybrid"

A natural supplement that helps restore the correct pH level of lacrimal and salivary secretions of dogs and cats.

Quantity: 60 tablets x 1300 mg

Ideal for dogs and cats.


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Ανάλογα με το ύψος της παραγγελίας και τη συχνότητα διαμορφώνονται και οι τελικές τιμές.
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Helps to heal epiphora and to control halitosis.Many people wonder why some cats and dogs suffer from profuse watery, which causes stains on the fur just below their eyes. This condition is called epiphora. When the eye zone is wet from excess tearing, it becomes the breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. It is not only an aesthetic issue, but it may cause serious irritation to your pet.

Ingredients: Vegetable mix, Alga Spirulina and Ascophyllum Nodosum, aromatic herbs mix with anti-oxidant properties.

Very often, profuse watery is also cause of odours.This condition may be traced to nutritional issues, an unsuitable diet or genetic problems. Hybrid gives you a powerful aid to relieve this condition, until it is definitely solved.


  • If you suddenly notice abundant watery condition, ask your vet. He will check your pet out for any possible on-going illness.
  • Check your pet diet with your vet’s help to make sure there are no food intolerances and that the chosen food is balanced enough for your pet’s activity.
  • Give Hybrid to your pet every day. Its fully natural formula, enriched with Omega-3, makes it suitable for daily use, without any collateral damage. 



Hybrid’s fine natural ingredients help improve digestion, reinforce immune system and fight inflammatory conditions. Thanks to the well-known anti-oxidant properties of its components, like Spirulina, Hybrid delivers essential fatty acids, B-complex vitamins, betacarotene (Vitamin A), minerals (iron, selenium and chromium) to improve all-over well-being for your cat or dog.

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