Inflatable Protective Collar "Dog care"

Inflatable Protective Collar "Dog care"

Code Size Neck Circumference
D098/01 Small 12-25 cm
D098/02 Medium 25-33 cm
D098/03 Large 33-45 cm
D098/04 XLarge > 45 cm

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This inflatable protective collar is useful in case of wounds, rashes and post-surgery protection.

- Does not impede your pet’s viewfield
- Removable and washable cover

- Resistant to bites and scratches

1. Insert your pet’s usual collar through the protective collar rings.
2. Inflate the protective collar through the valve
3. Place the protective collar around the animal’s neck and hook his usual collar
4. Secure the Velcro of the protective collar on the animal’s neck to fit the size

- For large dogs or intermediate sizes, we recommend buying the larger size.
- Make sure the collar fits well to your pet’s neck, without being too tight.
- This product is not recommended for use in dogs with long neck (such asgreyhounds).


This product was designed exclusively for animals. It is recommended for use over a short period of time and in any case, under supervision. In the early hours of use, carefully check the animal to assess whether the use of the protective collar is well tolerated and does not create excessive stress.

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