Adjustable muzzle suitable for French/English Bulldog Puppies

This muzzle is specifically designed for French Bulldogs and for English Bulldog puppies.

Its particular and innovative shape adapts perfectly to the snout of molossers, offering safety during walks or during visits to the vet or to the groomer.

Quantity: Package of 3 pieces


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Instructions for correct use:

1) place the external strap about 1 cm behind the ears, adjusting its lenght according to the size of the animal's neck

2) rotate the muzzle so as to align the front central hole with the animal's nose

3) adjust the lenght of the 2 Velcro inserts for a better fitting to your dog's muzzle

Caution: While placing this product to your pet, the muzzle must allow your dog to open its mouth so that it can pant, which is very important for the thermoregulation of the dog.

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