Walky Guard Plus - Car Safety barrier

Suitable for dogs.

Width: 86 cm(min), 145 cm(max)

Height: 26 cm(min), 43cm(max)


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Driving with your dog is not a joke. If you are looking for a car barrier that is practical, durable and easy to assemble and disassemble, WalkyGuard Plus is the right choice for you!
• It is adjustable in height and width to fit almost any vehicle equipped with rear telescopic headrests.
• It does not need any fixing either to the floor or to the ceiling.
• Constructed of high grade iron and powder-coated to look good forever.
• Requires no tools and will assemble in a few minutes.
• It is portable and easily movable from vehicle to vehicle (no tools required).

To remove the WalkyGuard, just loosen the holding brackets’ knobs and disengage from the headrest posts.

1. Position all headrests so that a gap of about 3.5 cm or about 1,3 inches is available between the bottom of the headrests and the top of the back seat.
2. Position the WalkyGuard on top of the back seat, making sure that the rectangular bar is in the lower position and in contact with the headrests’ posts.
3. Position the holding brackets as shown. The brackets can be mounted on all headrests posts of any kind of headrests (external or internal).The holding brackets can be assembled both facing right and left.
4. Screw the holding brackets’ knobs in tightly.
5. Adjusting vertical bars. Adjust the WalkyGuard’s height by loosening the plastic registers on top of the vertical stems and extracting the telescopic bars as needed.  Tighten the registers in to fix.
6. Adjusting horizontal bars. Adjust the horizontal bars by loosening the plastic registers and extracting the inner bar; tighten the registers to fix.

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