"Premium" Pet Mat With Self-Heating Effect

"Premium" Pet Mat With Self-Heating Effect

Suitable for dogs and cats.

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64X49 cm (Medium)


90X64 cm (Large)


48X38 cm (Small)


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This innovative mat was designed for heating and insulating the animal from the coldest surfaces, thanks to its particular internal structure, naturally reflecting the warmth of your little friend.

It can be used both alone and in combination: try it to improve the thermal insulation of his favorite bed! Easily removable cover.
Mat cover in very soft “Sherpa” fabric, suitable for hand-wash or machine-wash up to 30°C.Convenient nonslip base provides stability during use.

• It does not require any power supply or batteries: energy saving and respect for the environment

• Give your pet a new wellness experience in cold winter days
• Self-heating design: naturally reflects the warmth of your four-legged friend’s body!
• Excellent for older dogs and cats, for kittens and puppies, or for animals that are more sensitive to cold
• Excellent for animals suffering from joint pains
• Improves the thermal insulation of his pet bed
• Mat cover in soft “Sherpa” fabric

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