Vulcan Dog Trap

One of our range of high quality traps designed in consultation with industry experts for the safe capture and temporary containment of dogs and foxes.

>>  Easy to foldaway, carry and transport
>>  Strong and durable

>>  Self-activating trap

Dimensions: Length 131cm x Width 52cm x Height 61cm. Weight 20kg


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Specifically designed for the humane trapping of dogs and foxes, the trap door is released and self locking when activated by the animal placing a small amount of weight on a floor mounted treadle plate in the attempt to retrieve bait.

Mechanisms are located on the exterior of the trap so that the animal cannot access these and facilitate release!

The trap is constructed of 2 x 2 inch zinc plated steel mesh which is exceeding robust and durable allowing pressure hose washing and a long working life.

Unique to the MDC model, a slot is included in the rear door allowing our Quick Release Grasper (110-307) to be inserted into the trap for easy retrieval of the animal if fractious. 

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