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Dog Toothpaste

Purifies deeply, controls bad breath. It  strengthens  and  protects pets’ teeth and gums. Whitening action. This  all-natural  toothpaste  cleans  deeply,  controls  harmful  plaque  and  caries  and  has  a  breath refreshing  action.  It doesn’t damage the teeth enamel. Quantity:  Box 16 pcs (Tube 70gr)  

Toothpaste Spray

Protects pets teeth. Controls  harmful  plaque and has  a  breath refreshing  action.  This  liquid  dentifrice  contains selected  active  principles  for  the  cleaning  and care  of  the  oral  cavity. It doesn’t need brushing or rinsing. Quantity: Box of 12 pcs (Spray 50ml)

Electric diffuser with mats

The synergy of Neem oil and essential oils of eucalyptus, palmarosa, basil, thyme, cedarwood, turmeric oil and peppermint releases a nice fragrance, while keeping insects away. Provides 12 hours of safe and non-toxic protection to people and pets.  Ideal for house.    Quantity:  1 electric diffuser + 12 herbal fragrance mats