BT NECK ECO No-Lick Brace Size XS

The BT Neck Eco was designed as an alternative to the classic Elizabethan collar (cone of shame), and neatly outperforms it by combining efficacy and the utmost in comfort. Its purpose is to prevent the dog or cat from biting and thus being able to remove stitches after surgery. It is also helpful in cases of obsessive-compulsive behaviors. The collar is made of black, breathable velour, and the inside is made of a more rigid fabric that keeps the pet from turning its neck far enough to reach any wounds.

SIZE:XS 25-35 cm


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For dogs, it prevents licking areas on the chest, abdomen and flanks making it difficult to reach the areas close to the front paws (elbow to shoulder). It also protects the perianal area, which may have been involved in surgeries to remove glands, fistulas, etc. For cats, it should only be used after sterilization surgery on both males and females.

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