BT BONE Braces Size S

The BT Bone brace is an alternative to the more common splints or casts used to treat traumas caused by fractures to the front leg including those between the radius-ulna and radius-carpus. It comes with three rigid splints - one fixed splint contained in a pocket on the center back and two side splints with Velcro backing which allows them to be positioned as needed for optimum effectiveness. The splints ensure both support and stabilization of the fractured limb throughout the healing period prescribed by your vet.

Size small 10-15 kg , length 11-14 cm


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The brace is designed for daily use, thanks to the breathable fabric that prevents blisters and sores caused by sweating. When using the BT Bone brace, we recommend combining it with the BT Joint, because its use on the healthy joint will help the dog compensate better for the added load caused by the loss of use of the fractured leg. Once the brace has been placed around the dog’s leg, it is not necessary that the two white-trimmed edges meet, since the closure of the brace is by means of the blue straps and stabilization is provided by the three splints contained in the brace.

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